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Sunday, March 8, 2009

True Confessions of Genie Junkie

Randy Seaver: gave this assignment: Answer these questions about your genealogy life (mine are in parentheses):

1. When did you start genealogy research? 1979

2. Why did you start doing research? My brother wondered how much land the family owned in our hometown

3. What was your first big success in research? Getting the French-Canadian line traced back to France all zillion of them!

4. What is your biggest genealogy regret? Not getting over shyness enough to interview the old-timers

5. What are you best known for in the genealogy world? Knowledge of my hometown area

6. What is your professional status in genealogy? In the past I had a genealogy research business for 3 years but now I spent most my time doing volunteer webs online and helping others. No degrees just experience! ;) Although I did have 6 semesters of genealogy classes at our local college.

7. What is your biggest genealogy achievement? Getting my Kratochvil family researched in Bohemia back to mid 1600's and photographs of the immigrant homes there.

8. What is the most FUN you've had doing genealogy? Doing a fully French catered luncheon and seminar with the group I founded, French-Canadian Heritage Traverse City Chapter

9. What is your favorite genealogy how-to book? My newest: Maureen Taylors Photograph book

10. What notable genealogist would you like to meet someday? Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak. I get to meet Maureen Taylor when she will be giving a talk about 40 miles from me in Sept. 09 - Cannot wait!

There you are - talk about yourself for a change! Go forth and blog about your True Confessions of a Genealogy Junkie! Or write a comment to this post.