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Thursday, March 5, 2009



Morning Record, Tuesday, 16 May 1897

Experience of Enoch Kratochvil and John Cutler

The is a story of misplaced confidence; The victims were John Cutler and Enoch Kratochvil.

Enjoy!! Prove is in the puddin' what makes the guy swoon as they used to say!!

Enoch and John took a rig and started for the farm of Jesse Wells with a cow which was to be put out to pasture.

The cow was led behind, part of the way.

Shortly after leaving the city Enoch and John overtook a couple of women whom they had thought to be footsore and weary as Enoch and John were to learn a short time afterwards.

But the women were not tired as Enoch and John are tender hearted; and seeing the women trudging along through the dusty road they bethought them to proffer a little aid.

Said Enoch to John, “Suppose we get out and walk along and let the ladies ride, while we lead the critter behind?”

Said John to Enoch, “Suppose we do.” And they did.

The ladies were grateful for the kindness displayed towards them and they said, “Thanks, with all the graciousness necessary at that time. But when they had become comfortably settled in the buggy it was different. They became bold.

So bold were these weary ladies that they whipped up the horse, waved their handkerchiefs merrily to Enoch and John, and with a jolly “ta ta, boys!” away they drove like the wind.

This performance made Enoch and John very wrathy (sic), but they hurried along hoping to overtake the ladies again but the cow was not able to keep the pace, and the women soon drove out of sight.

However, after disposing of the cow they continued on at a rapid pace towards Fife Lake, but the girls drove to fast for them and continued along happily and had a lot of fun at the expense of the men. After a while the men copied the girls driving around a hill.

Knowing that the road led nearly around it, they skipped around the other way and the first thing the girls knew they ran their horse almost upon the anxious Enoch and John. The latter invited the ladies to get out and walk, which they did, without un-necessary observation.

But as they had all the fun they wanted and had nearly reached their destination they had the laugh on the boys, and so has everyone else who has heard about it.

(A short story here while a whole column in the newspaper)