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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Somber Sunday - Jennie Thompson 1903

Daily Eagle
Traverse City, Michigan
29 Jul 1903 pg 1

Tragedy Near Sarnia
Mother left her baby on the river bank
...and was drowned trying to rescue the little girl
..swift current swept them both downstream
...baby on the bank laughed while other shuddered

Port Huron, Mich, Jul 29.--A distressing drowning occurred a short distance below Sarnia, on the Canadian side yesterday afternoon and Mrs. George Taylor sacrificed her life trying to save little Jennie Thompson of this city from drowning. Both sank from sight before help reached them.

The little Thompson girl was visiting at the home of Mrs. Taylor at Sarnia, and as their home is near the water she wanted to go wading. Mrs. Taylor, taking her little baby in her arms, went to the river back to watch her. The channel bank runs off at a steep incline and, although cautioned, the little girl waded out for some distance.

Suddenly she sank, and when she came to the surface again Mrs. Taylor dropped her baby on the grass and ran into the water to save the drowning girl. The swift current swept them both down stream and out into the deepest water, and although their cries attracted several me, they were too far away to render assistance and the woman and child sank beneath the waves.

The little baby which the unfortunate women left on the bank when she made the sacrifice of her life, crowed and laughed at the approach of the men, unmindful of the awful tragedy that had been enacted there before its eyes.