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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Namesake Day~

Laura Smith tapped me as a follower on Twitter. In going to her site I came across this excercise of Namesake Day. It led me to want to write about my namesake.

In this case, it is not so much _who_ I was named after but who named me! I am the youngest of 3 children. Sort of the 'after the fact' child. My sister is fourteen years older then me. It is pretty evident she read the Sunday comics as my name Brenda came from Brenda Starr the girl reporter. I am very proud of my name and have never wished to have another. I consider the name Brenda a gift from my sister who passed away in 1971 at age 38 years.

whitepages.com says: Brenda is the # 63 ranked first name in the United States. Although when I got the name in 1946 it was not near as popular. If I recall right there were only 3 of us in my 3 grades of high school.

Others with the name Brenda found in 3 pages of google.com
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Candidate’s Name: Brenda Howerton ...
Brenda Song. Home / People / Artists. Brenda Song (birth name Brenda Xiong)
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and, Brenda Merriman, Genealogy Researcher
Brenda from the Sarcoidosis Illness chat

This Brenda says:
Brenda is a female name (good beginning for me!). This is a name with origins Gaelic, Irish, Norse, Scottish, Teutonic, Germanic (none of which I have that I am aware of yet~)
Brenda says: According to each origin the name Brenda has a different meaning. "Sword, Torch, Unforgettable Brand, Little Raven, Beacon on the Hill. (http://brendaguarisma.spaces.live.com)

This Brenda (moi) found that the name is derived from Brendan and male Irish name. Behind The Name site has this to say: Possibly a feminine form of Old Norse name meaning Brandr, meaning sword which was brought to Britain in the Middle Ages.

Thanks for the opportunity to write about this.


Laura said...

We have similar stories! It does make my name feel more special to me. Thanks for sharing :)