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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brenda's Teeth - Funny Friday

Photo: About 1949 Brenda and father Ben at Bryant Park

Brenda's Two Front Teeth about 1950ish

The day was a fun day! We had company and my brother and I were relegated to sleeping in mom and dad's big bed. It was our time to 'disappear' for the adult world to commence in their fun and it was our bedtime. Who was to know that more fun was to happen to me AFTER I went to sleep. My brother was eight years older than I who was four at the time. Ben began dreaming and tossing and turning due to dreaming of fighting. Then in an abrupt second I was woke up.. and holding my two front teeth in my hand. Benny had elbowed my two front teeth out in one of his 'tosses'. I sat there crying and then laughing and calling to my mom. "Benny knocked my teeth out" Mom went to holler at Benny but I told her he didn't mean to do it. So, in my defense of him in telling her he didn't mean to do it.. she was okay and started laughing too.. By now, Benny was chuckling of course! I don't recall what happened to those teeth but if we had teeth fairies mine would have been worth a mint. To this day, 58 years later we still chuckle about that.

Next Friday: Brenda Buys Candy!


Becky Jamison said...

I'm glad it turned into a time for laughing, because that was a permanent loss!

T.K. said...

Wow, he musta whacked ya good!!

Brenda said...
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