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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Somber Sunday Mrs. Brenzinger & Child

The Alton Weekly Courier, Alton, Illnois
Friday 1 October 1852
Frightful Accident
A German woman, Brenzinger, and her child, about three years old, were dangerously injured this morning, about half past nine o'clock, by a Morris and Essex Railroad horse car, at the foot of Centre Street. The horses were going at full gallop in order to drag the car around the curve up the hill, when the woman with the child in her arms attempted to go over on the cross-walk.

Not seeing the approaching car, and probably not understanding the warning which was given her, she walked directly against the horse, which the driver had endeavored to stop in time, but the headway of the car drove them onward, and they knocked the woman down. The child was thrown under the car, and the front truck passed over the lower part of the abdomen and the legs, bruising the former and probably inflicting internal injuries, and laying the latter bare to the bone nearly the whole length, but making no fractures. The woman, it is thought by the bystanders, was not run over, but received her wounds from the horses, and from being dragged on the ground, her dress having caught between the brake and the wheels.

Her injuries consist in the fracture of two of the spinal processes, and of one arm at the elbow, with bruises upon the body, and probably if either can survive, they certainly cannot recover.

Since the above was in type, the little child died.
Newark Advertiser


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I'm curious, Brenda. Are these family stories, or do you choose stories that think will interest your readers?
Evelyn in Montreal