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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Funny Friday, A Narrow Escape

I was doing Somber Sunday and just had to post this Funny Friday early!

Grand Traverse Herald
Traverse City Michigan
23 Mar 1893 pg 6

A Narrow Escape
Harbor Springs Republican

Mrs. J. L. Morrice, residing a short distance north of town, visited her henery one evening last week to gather some eggs, and as she thrust her hand into one of the nestings she felt something soft and warm. She seized hold of what proved to be a live animal of some kind.

Fortunately she had caught hold of its tail--she carried it to her house which is some distance away, and then to a neighbor's house across the street. Her neighbors soon informed her that the animal she had so courageously tackled and which she had in her possesion, was nothing less than a sharp-eyed, pretty black and white polecat. Mrs. Morrice did not faint away by any means, and escaped without any damage. The animal was shot then and there.